Monday, December 17, 2007

Someday never comes.

- Let go.
- But... I can't, there's so much to consider, I can't just forget everything that happened, everything that was said and felt, I can't --
- Just let go.
- But what if I don't wanna let go, I mean, I almost have it, I can feel that I --
- You have to let go.
- No, I mean, I know it's not good for me, I know I've been crying because of it and depending on it for too long but --
- It's time to let it go.
- It is, isn't it?
- Yep.
- But it's not easy, I mean, I'm not good at letting go, no one taught me how to do that. No, it's not just an excuse, don't look at me like that. I really don't know how to let go.
- Nobody said it was easy.
- Argh, stop singing and help me out here, that song doesn't do me any good.
- What do you want me to do?
- Try to convince me that I have to do that letting go thing, be reasonable, that's what you're all about, right?
- You're too hard to convince. And you're too stubborn. You won't listen to me, even though you know I'm right. And then you'll get broken, cause that's what you're all about. There's no point in trying to convince you. Believe me, I've tried. And usually she lets me be stronger than you but this is your thing.
- I don't feel well...
- I know. You can't handle it alone. But you won't listen to me.
- I'm tired... And I have the feeling that she's tired of us, cause we don't ever agree.
- She is. She can't take it anymore. So try to be honest now: do you think it's worth it?
- That's the problem... I feel that it is. And... I won't be able to let go while I still think it's worth it, right?
- Right. But still you refuse to take my word. You'll get hurt.
- I can take the truth, reality too. I'll adjust to it, I've learned how to do that. What I can't take is not knowing.
- Because you're a dreamer and you always expect the best thing to happen.
- Yeah.
- But I still think you have to let go.
- I don't know...

And so mind and heart keep talking on and on. Maybe they'll agree someday.

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