Sunday, June 17, 2007


I was sad and kinda desperate and in the middle of a crisis and then in the middle of a crisis for being in the middle of such a stupid crisis but then I realized that now I can finally sing along with Chantal Kreviazuk on 'Wonderful' without having to make a pause when she says "well, I'm not seventeen" so yay!

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Gilmore Guy said...

** ** **
You're not seventeen anymore!
You're not a girl anymore!

“Girl, you’ll be a woman soon, soon you’ll be a woman, girl” – Urge Overkill [Pulp Fiction’s Soundtrack]

You're not the same anymore at the same time you're the same!
You confused me at the beginning but I found myself on the text, hehe.

And I'm happy that you're not in a crisis anymore!

Happy Birthday again!