Thursday, April 26, 2007

Little Things

Why don't people appreciate the little things? I mean, the details, the little, sometimes appearently insignificant things that happen to us everyday and have the power to make us feel so much better if we just pay attention to them. You read a book and you just know that's going to be your favorite book forever, no matter how many books you read after that. You meet someone who likes the same things you like. You listen to a song that fits perfectly with what you're feeling. You get to run under the rain. You go to the bus stop and two minutes later you can catch your bus. The clothes you feel like wearing are clean and just waiting for you to wear them. You find a glove you had lost years ago and it doesn't even fit you anymore, you grew up. You find out you mean something to someone you never thought you would. You know there's someone who will understand what you mean no matter how confusingly you say it, or even when you don't say it at all. You watch a perfect movie. You finally understand what "yellow brick road" means. You download the brand new Chantal Kreviazuk's album and it's perfect. You eat pizza three nights in a row. One of your favorite TV characters makes a reference to your favorite writer. You go to bed and it's raining and you get to listen to the rain until you fall asleep. You're an only child but there's someone who's like a sister to you and you love her. You find a letter you wrote and never sent and you know why you didn't. You find out that your favorite high school teacher still knows who you are and where you are and what your dreams are and she's hoping you're the happiest person in the world. You realize you changed more than you thought you had and at the same time you didn't change at all. Your mom gives you something she knew you'd love. Someone tells you that they dreamt of you. You know you can count on your friends even if they're miles away from you and even if you've never seen them face to face. Someone you miss tells you they miss you too. You have a perfect moment, even if it lasts five seconds. Your dad buys you a book. You get to listen to your favorite song without being interrupted. Your dog looks at you with an you're-my-hero face. Someone besides you was addicted to Birds of Prey. Your favorite college teacher says he's proud of you. You learn the word 'inconspicuous'. You see a really cool car plate. You listen to Eisley's Lost at Sea while going over Hercílio Luz bridge. You see a stranger reading an Agatha Christie book. You meet someone who loves green. You write and you feel better. You like your last name. You listen to Shelby Lynne's Wall in Your Heart and it reminds you of a friend you love to remember. You see an IMC sign on a store and you smile. You find out the name of a song after six months looking for it. You wake up to a windy day. You realize that the list of little things you appreciate is endless and you'll never be able to finish it. And you're happy.

For the first time the title isn't a tv show episode title because it was... well, who cares, it's my blog and I'll do what I want [and I'm sooo mature].
But it's a perfect Chantal Kreviazuk song.

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Gilmore Guy said...

** As I told you before, I feel amazed before read it!!! Perfect, perfect, perfect! I love lists [especially when it comes from you], I love when someone writes about things that they love, I love your texts, I love read them, especially this one, because I’m on it!

And SURPRISE: I created a blog!!! ** Now we’ll share our comments, huh? And when I’ll have my computer, I’ll change all the style ‘cause I hated all the layouts, lolol

Ow, by the way, I’ll post in English and in Portuguese, ‘cause Ju begged me, hehe!

Have to go now… Bye and kisses