Saturday, October 14, 2006

Say Something

Dialogue [which can almost be seen as a monologue on this particular case but who cares?]:

Me, to my friend: “You love him”.
My friend to me: “No, I hate him”.
Me again: “Yeah but... you see, love and hate aren’t opposites, you know... Love and indifference are opposites, and hate and indifference are opposites as well but love and hate are actually pretty similar, specially cause they’re opposites to the same thing. I mean... Look, love is like when you couldn’t possibly care more for someone, agree? And indifference means that you couldn’t care less. So they’re opposites. Hate consists on not being able to stand someone, which automatically leads to caring way too much. Not a good kind of caring, but still, caring, which makes it the opposite of indifference as well. So if both love and hate are opposite to the same thing it’s impossible for them to be opposite to each other, right? But of course you can’t say that they’re the exact same thing, cause there’s this difference with the types of caring after all. Hmm... love and hate are like... opposite synonyms. That’s it. Opposite synonyms is the right definition to what they are. And that means you can feel both at the same time”.

Okay, now here’s how it really was:

Me, to my friend: “You love him”.
My friend to me: “No, I hate him”.
Me again: “Yeah but... [three-second pause] okay”.

Amazing how our brain works fast, huh?

Title from Gilmore Girls. Yeah, again. What, it’s not my fault if it’s the best TV show ever!


Gilmore Guy said...

Ow, sorry for my late to comment here...

As always you're a very good writer, a perfect writer!!! Why don't you write a TV show? You must be discovered by Warner Bros. or another TV channel!!!

I'm so excited to read the next one... It will be from Nickelback this time, huh?


Anonymous said...

Tu escreve em inglês só porque não entendo porcaria nenhuma né??
Apesar disso, tu escreve extremamente bem! É legal ler as tuas crônicas (isso quando eu as entendo) ¬¬