Sunday, July 02, 2006

The hero dies in this one

First thing: no Nickelback yet. What can I do if our team, our pride, is out of the World Cup? Yes, this post will be about it. Someone [Keli] asked me to write about it. I'm surprised I even have readers here, if one of them asks me to write on some subject of course I'm gonna do it! Uh, and don't keep thinking that my post on Nickelback will be good just because I keep talking about it otherwize you're gonna get really disappointed ¬¬

So here we go.

I hated it when it was certain that Brazil would have to play against France bacause I knew this match would be "our chance of revenge, our pay back". Every match Brazil and Uruguay played for the last 56 years has been our revenge, for God's sake! We've won almost it all but people just won't let it go. 1950 has been our nightmare. Until yesterday.

Of course France is now our new Uruguay, specially because we didn't get to pay back. We lost. Yeah, that was frustrating. I didn't cry, I didn't get angry at first. I got disappoited. I had never seen Brazil not get to the final so I didn't know what it was like. I mean, I don't remember what happened in 1990 because I was almost one year old and obviously I didn't love soccer back then ¬¬
I bacame a "são paulina" when I was two so in 94 I was already connected to soccer somehow. But let's leave it to my book of memories ¬¬

The thing is brazilian people need the World Cup. Not all of us, of course, but we get to be proud of our nation and it's something we keep preparing ourselves for during four years. We have a lot more to be proud of but it's easier to just be the best soccer team ever, specially knowing that nobody can question that.

Our country completely stopped to see our hero out there and the hero died. Our hero died. The hero never ever dies and this time it was like he didn't even tried to win. There was no struggling, no persistence, no nothing. You know when you watch a film and the hero is on a very complicated situation and you start getting nervous and worried and someone tells you to calm down because "the hero never dies"? Yeah, well... I guess fiction is a little more optimistic then reality after all.

Title from One Tree Hill. It's the third time I use an OTH episode title here and I don't even watch it...
But it was just perfect for the post, agree?