Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Help wanted

This time I've decided to write useless things about rules and exceptions. I'm just afraid I'll go waaay too far with it and even I'm gonna get bored ¬¬ I'm serious, I have theories about rules and exceptions and I really can talk about it for a long time, as always when it involves some stupid subject that's not gonna add a thing to my life. But if I start talking about something important such as, I don't know, global warmth, all I'm gonna say is, "Ow, the Earth is heating up, that's a problem" and I'll no longer be interested. Oh God, I'm already going on and on about nothing. What a waste of words ¬¬

"Every rule has an exception" (or "the exception makes the rule"). Does anyone doubt that? Well, I don't dare having doubts about it. However, I'm curious about something and it's killing me: what is the exception of this rule that says that every rule has an exception? I mean, if the exception makes the rule, then saying that 'every rule has an exception' isn't really a rule, unless there is a rule that doesn't have an exception to make that every-rule-has-an-exception thing a rule. Are you sticking with me here? I hope so, cuz I got lost a few 'rules and exceptions' ago.

Anyway, the point here is, if we all agree that one rule doesn't have an exception, here's what's been torturing me: which one is this damn rule? Of course, the main rule ('every rule has an exception') could be the one, meaning that the only rule that doesn't have an exception is the one that says that every rule has one, therefore all the other rules have at least one exception.

But you know what? I don't think that's the one because it would be way too easy and I know things are never easy. Wait. Is that a rule? I mean, 'things are never easy', is it a rule? Does it have an exception? Oh God, I'm going crazy with it. Help wanted.

Gilmore Girls episode title.
Yes, this one I watch. I love Gilmore Girls, this tv show defines me. No, I'm not kidding.


Lalu( sis) said...

Isa.. for the very first time in ly life: you made me think...
I really don´t know beans about that, but I think that this sentence can be the only that has the exception... or not, like Caetano Veloso would say.
Like you a lot and I hope you have a great trip to Las Vegas...remeber sis, life is always the biggest game... but all teh rules has exception

Dai said...

entender o q está escrito, eu não entendo, mas eu tive uma tradutora particular(q por sinal é a dona do blog e, tbm, qm escreveu essa espécie de crônica!)!
então, se ela não me enganou qnto ao conteúdo do q está escrito, eu posso dizer q concordo e q esse já foi um dos temas das nossas produtivas discussões em sala de aula e fora dela hahahah
mas é isso, continue nos presenteando com suas divertidíssimas reflexões, Isa!tenho orgulho de ser sua amiga..e adorei passar a quinta-feira com vc!
P.S.:perdoe-me por ter q comentar em português!