Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Why on earth does every character of Invasion go swimming on that damn lake? They all know that the whole problem is inside the lake, in the water, and there's always someone yelling "Stay out of the water!" but do they stay out of the water? No, they go swimming. At very weird hours of the day, I might add. Swimming in an infected lake at night doesn't seem like the brightest idea and really, it isn't! It's like walking in the woods at night if you're in a horror movie: first, is a total cliche. Second, it's pointless. Third, there won't be any good consequences for it.

I don't watch Invasion, I don't have patience for it. If you do, good for you, I guess. But I always watch the commercials, so I kinda know what I'm talking about. Everytime I see something related to this Tv show there's someone swimming or some scene that makes me say ew. And also, there's the fact that I always end up seeing that cute guy from Third Watch and I miss Third Watch and remembering Third Watch makes me think of a Tv show getting to the end and it brings Alias up to my mind and then I remember that Everwood is out and that I'll never watch another fresh episode of Joan of Arcadia and that Gilmore Girls is coming to its end and that I'll never know who the hell killed Samantha on Reunion, which reminds me of how the stupid guy from brazilian Warner insists on saying Gina instead of Jenna so I get depressed and angry. Yes, my mind works on a very weird rhythm, I'm still trying to understand it.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Uh, right. Invasion. Besides the water and the ew-scenes there are the car accidents on the rainy days and also those orange dots going up to the sky. What the hell are those? I thought the earth was being taken by some kind of alien force so what's with the damn dots going up?

Well, who am I to criticize some Tv Show just for being full of cliches and weird people doing weird stuff while they're trying to save the world from some non-human thing? I did watch almost five years of Smallville after all...

Title from Invasion, obviously. It doesn't have much to do with what I wrote but it involves the word water, so whatever.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Help wanted

This time I've decided to write useless things about rules and exceptions. I'm just afraid I'll go waaay too far with it and even I'm gonna get bored ¬¬ I'm serious, I have theories about rules and exceptions and I really can talk about it for a long time, as always when it involves some stupid subject that's not gonna add a thing to my life. But if I start talking about something important such as, I don't know, global warmth, all I'm gonna say is, "Ow, the Earth is heating up, that's a problem" and I'll no longer be interested. Oh God, I'm already going on and on about nothing. What a waste of words ¬¬

"Every rule has an exception" (or "the exception makes the rule"). Does anyone doubt that? Well, I don't dare having doubts about it. However, I'm curious about something and it's killing me: what is the exception of this rule that says that every rule has an exception? I mean, if the exception makes the rule, then saying that 'every rule has an exception' isn't really a rule, unless there is a rule that doesn't have an exception to make that every-rule-has-an-exception thing a rule. Are you sticking with me here? I hope so, cuz I got lost a few 'rules and exceptions' ago.

Anyway, the point here is, if we all agree that one rule doesn't have an exception, here's what's been torturing me: which one is this damn rule? Of course, the main rule ('every rule has an exception') could be the one, meaning that the only rule that doesn't have an exception is the one that says that every rule has one, therefore all the other rules have at least one exception.

But you know what? I don't think that's the one because it would be way too easy and I know things are never easy. Wait. Is that a rule? I mean, 'things are never easy', is it a rule? Does it have an exception? Oh God, I'm going crazy with it. Help wanted.

Gilmore Girls episode title.
Yes, this one I watch. I love Gilmore Girls, this tv show defines me. No, I'm not kidding.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sleeping arrangements

I'm out of ideas of what to write so I'll just let you know what a great trip I had, cause abandoning the blog this soon would be just stupid ¬¬

Well, I was coming home for the weekend and you never know who's gonna be sitting beside you on the bus. It was a woman, a very weird woman. First, the drink. I don't know what she was drinking before the trip began but I can tell what it wasn't. It wasn't water, nor milk, nor juice, nor soda. You can imagine.

Then the napping thing began. The woman started to scare me. Seriously, she was sitting but her head was down and turning around. That was really freaky.

Then the worst part: the sleeping-sound deal. She started snoring, it was a very scary noise. Really, frightening, not nice to hear. At all. But as if that wasn't enough, there was more. There I was, trying to focus on whatever just to ignore the noise and suddenly I feel it: a head on my shoulder! Oh, no, that was too much! Then I kindly tried to throw the head of the woman to the other side with my shoulder but unfortunately it wasn't possible. First because I would never be able to throw someone's head to the other side kindly. Second, because the woman was sleeping really hard.

What was I gonna do? I moved my shoulder and then she fell behind my back so that I couldn't lay down without smashing her head. And this is a mental picture that I really didn't need =P

Then happiness! She seemed to have woken up and lifted her head. But you know what they say about poor people's happiness...

Before I could think of going back to laying down she put her head exactly where it was. Oh God. But here's the good news: it took her only a few minutes to turn to the other side and I was able to take my space again. And never leave it again =P

Title from Dawson's Creek. I don't watch DC either because I hate Dawson with all my heart.

Monday, May 15, 2006

So it beggins

Okay, I've finally decided to join CIP (crazy internet people) (as if I weren't one before) and create a blog. Yes, I post in English, and no, I won't post anything in Portuguese, even if I'm extremely mad at English for some stupid reason.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I'm gonna write here cause I don't really feel comfortable knowing that people can read what I write but considering the fact that I'm a journalism student, I better start getting used to it.

Anyway, I like to watch stuff, situations and people and try to make sense out of some absurd things that nobody realizes so basically this is what I'm gonna do in here. Hopefully no one is gonna read it! But if someone eventually does, it would be cool too, I think. I hope.

Well, I'm not gonna say more for now cause I'm on a damn cyber and it's gonna close in a few minutes. I want my computer baaack!